When a killer creates a website giving the coordinates for where he’s buried the bodies of his victims, it entices a group of college students in checking it out - and becoming his next victims. 


Inclusion Statement


Entrenchment is an innovative slasher film with modern day sensibilities. It is primarily female lead, with a female director and a mostly female cast and crew. The film also hopes to give lgbt characters a better spotlight in the horror genre and in film in general. 


About The Project


Entrenchment started off as an idea to pay homage to the classic slasher films of the 80’s, but with modern day themes and situations. However, once the script was written we found out it was more than just an homage, it was it’s own thing entirely. 


Entrenchment turned into a movie that at it’s heart is a romance between two women. While we originally took notes from films like Friday The 13th and Halloween, we found ourselves taking our best notes from the world around us.


We wanted unique characters that meant more than just a gratuitis nude scene, only to then be “slashed”. We wanted strong female characters. We wanted to go deeper than most slasher films tend to go with our characters. We also wanted a terrifying slasher with a creatively disturbing background and theme song! 


Our main goal is to create an entertaining modern-day slasher film that pays homage to the great classics created by John Carpenter, Wes Craven and Sam Raimi (He never directed a slasher film! We know!) that also lives up to what todays audiences want and expect from an inclusive film.

“Take us the foxes

the little foxes,







that spoil the vines for our vines have tender grapes.”